3 Free Ways To Promoting Your Erotic Novel On The Cheap

Promote your erotica

You’re an author, so you understand how difficult it is to promote a book at the best of times. If you’re a writer of erotic fiction (or, a paranormal/erotic crossover fiction), you understand that promotion is 10-times more difficult. This is due to many promotional platforms disregarding your book for its adult nature.

Today, I will show you 3 free ways you can promote your latest erotic title. These platforms should help you get your book in the public eye.


T.C. Archer, Milos, Darla Dunbar, and Arthur Wing Pinero all use www.Scribd.com. Aspiring writers may not have heard of this site, but with some of the biggest names in erotic fiction using it, it must be good right? YES!

You can use Scribd to showcase your already published works, or as a platform to showcase coming attractions. It’s a quick way to get your book on the public’s radar, and then hopefully get some of those viewers to become loyal readers.

A Scribd account can be opened with your Nom de Plume, so you can protect your true identity. Since Scribd handles eBooks, you’ll need to have an e-copy version available, which, if you’re already using Scrivener, is a snap.

To build a following on Scribd, add excerpts from your novel to your profile, as well as your latest work’s synopsis, your best reviews, and teaser pages. All of these elements can help you get the attention you need to sell eBook and print copies of your erotic title.

Blog Short Stories on Your Own Website

Blogging (and guest posting on other blogs) is a great way to prove your abilities as a writer. As a full-service publisher that offers more marketing tools than any other publisher, Racy Reads will set you up with your own blog. If you’re not publishing with us, you can create your own and use it to promote your work.

One exercise is to blog short stories and companion pieces using the characters from your erotic novel. Write a few tantalizing pieces on your own blog, and then seek out other sites to guest post with links to your books and links back to your blog. There are thousands of websites devoted to erotic fiction, and some even pay you to blog!

This is a great way to introduce readers to your characters, and your ability to tantalize readers. Standalone adventures can later be packaged into an eBook and sold alongside your actual novel. So, this is one way to promote yourself, and make money!

Visit Erotica Forums and Groups to Promote Yourself and Your Titles

Create accounts on erotica forums and groups (Goodreads has many to choose from; just search “erotica” or “paranormal romance” or whatever your genre is). You have anonymity here, as well as most website’s allow you to create an author’s page with links to your published work.

There are many advantages to this, as you have complete control over what you say, how you say it, and who you’re talking to. If you’re looking for beta readers or reviewers, offer free copies to potential fans in exchange for honest reviews. This will build your ranking on Amazon, as well as provide you with valuable feedback about your title.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to be a web guru to promote a book. You simply need some writing skills, which you already have! A blog can be set up in under and hour, and maintained in just twenty minutes a day.

Blogs can be customized, and you can even include links to your publisher’s web page to let people purchase your title from there or on Amazon or anywhere else. Remember: Racy Reads provides you with a dedicated URL, and you can log in and blog about your titles and yourself at any time. If you haven’t already, please reach out to us about your title. We’re currently accepting submissions.

So, there you have it: 3 ways to promote your erotica title for free, and still get good coverage. These are some of the best ways to get your writing in front of the right audience. Plus, setting up these accounts is fast, and has a far reach.



Our Best Tips for Writing Compelling Erotica

Tips for writing erotica

In today’s digital publishing landscape, writing erotic is both fun and profitable. If you’re of a naughty mindset, such as myself, it can also be tremendously gratifying. If you enjoy erotic fiction, you’ve likely read your share of bad erotic fiction – this is that tasteless, unremarkable, bland, and unedited erotica that Amazon routinely cleanses from its shelves.

In an effort to protect your erotica title from being cleansed, here’s some tips for writing higher-quality erotic fiction. These tips will help you write erotica that stands out to readers, and leaves them hungry for more of your work.

Don’t Write What You Know, Write What You Like

Don’t worry about what sells. If you do, you’re technically a try-hard, and no one wants to read the uninspired dribble of an author who concentrated on writing something sellable, rather than writing some enjoyable.

If you think people won’t notice; think again. We can tell when you’re trying to sell.

When someone is writing about something that doesn’t personally get them off, or – worse still – REPELS them, you can almost see the author’s nose wrinkling in disgust with every sentence.

For example, people who find bondage distasteful should attempt to write a story similar to Anne Rolequare’s Sleeping Beauty books or T Bell’s Claiming of David. You won’t be able to properly describe the joy of binding a lover, or the wonderful release of being bound. No matter how well you understand bondage on an intellectual level, if the thought of it turns you off, you won’t be able to write it in a compelling or enticing fashion.

Focus on writing erotica you enjoy yourself; because, if you don’t, your distaste or disinterest will be read between the lines.

You Have Five Senses, Use Them

It’s the age of visual erotica, and it has been that way since Linda Lovelace opened-wide on the set of Deep Throat. Unfortunately, it’s this dedication to the visual that has corrupted some authors. Some authors concentrate only on the visual; their stories read like a play-by-play narration of a porno, but you’re not writing a movie script – you’re writing a story.

Erotica is compelling when it fully immerses the reader in more than just sex – a story is necessary. Immersion can only happen when the reader experiences more than just the main characters’’ sight. Readers must also feel, taste, smell, and hear. A character who merely sees, is what my creative writing teacher once referred to as a “paper doll.” Flat. One-dimensional.

If you’re describing an intense oral sex scene, for example, you’ll want to describe more than just the look of the thing. Include what the receiving character feels, or what the giving character smells and tastes. Include the sounds they make as they’re being pleasured. With these details, your reader is better able to put themselves in the metaphorical shoes of your characters, and enjoy the experience of your story vicariously; as though, they are there. Remember – your reader has five senses, and a truly erotic experience uses all five senses in real life, so why not in your story too?

Use the Feather when you Can, the Whole Chicken When You Must

Someone once said the difference between erotic and porn is that erotica uses a feature, but porn uses the whole chicken. Erotica teases the reader, entices them to continue reading. It builds slowly to the climax, much like a real-life sexual encounter. This is commonly referred to as using the feather.

Your task, as an author of compelling erotica, is to walk the tightrope between the two; tease the reader for as long as you can, and then satisfy them with the sexual details they’ve been waiting for.

When using the whole chicken, remember to be judicious. The worst pornography goes straight into gynecological and urological detail and stays there. It includes no foreplay; no build-up. You don’t want your story or reader to reach a premature climax, and you certainly don’t want to leave them reading sex without the build-up to become aroused. So, take care not to rush anything, and to be as detailed as possible with the chicken.

If you follow these tips, then you will write an erotic story for the ages. An erotic story that will leave your reader wanting more of your work and seeking you out for future virtual encounters. If you want a career in erotica, you’ll need to write compelling erotic fiction.

Erotic Gay Art On Display in NYC

“Stroke: From Under the Mattress to the Museum Wall,” is a brand new exhibit currently featured at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in SoHo.

The show is the first of its kind, a gay erotic art show. Erotic gay art used to be hidden, but times have changed and now this art exhibit is out and proud! The curator of the exhibit, Robert Richards, says the exhibit visually explores a very important time period in gay history.

“The show is about beauty – beautiful drawings…beautiful men,” says Richards. “It’s a huge body of work that can’t be forgotten because it defines a whole era of gay men’s lives.”

There are 80 illustrations in total, many of which were published in gay men’s magazines. Some of the illustrations were published during a time when it was illegal to be gay, the 1950s. The decades between 1950 and our present day are all covered, including some artwork from the past year.

From the Official Website:

“A historical retrospective of sexy and erotic illustrations by artists who made work for the gay male magazines from the 1950s to the 1990s. This exhibition of a forgotten body of work not only explores the male form, but for the first time ever, offers an examination of gay male private life, as experienced through magazines which were available on nearly every street corner in America – but often kept under their mattresses for fear of being discovered.”

I so wish I lived in NYC to see this! The show will run until May 25th. If you’re interested in attending, you can stop in or purchase tickets online.

Do You Think I Have What it Takes to Write Monster Erotica?

Quite recently, an erotica author admitted to earning a whopping $30,000 in a single month of book sales. She writes erotica featuring monsters, such as Bigfoot. Apparently there is a market for monster erotica, but I’m still not certain I could pen titillating tales starring mythological beasts. My characters have always been human…so far…

If there are any monster erotica readers out there, I’d love to hear your feedback on some story ideas I have. Leave a comment and let me know if you think these titles would fare well in the genre. FYI: I’ve never read monster-erotica, but I will for research (if you think it’s necessary).

Legendary Gang Bang

Legendary Gang Bang will feature only the world’s most legendary monsters, such as Frankenstein, Bigfoot, Dracula, and a number of others. These monsters are busy celebrating their annual Monster’s Ball when a young woman stumbles into the castle. Her white dress is soaking wet from the rain, and her heaving bosoms have become exposed. While attempting to tie up her top, the Wolfman’s claws rip open her dress and it falls to the ground, exposing her naked flesh. She is not afraid, and admits to secretly fantasizing about all the creatures in attendance. The result is a ninety-minute gang bang, wherein these legendary beasts get to sample her goodies.

Lick, Cerberus. Lick.

Cerberus is a big softie at heart. This massive, three-headed dog guards the entrance to Hades. Over the years, he’s not been granted much exposure to people, which has caused him to grow lonely, until the day Sandy falls through a portal and lands in his cave. It doesn’t take long for Cerberus to woo the young maiden, and soon his giant tongue is doing the work of three men.

The Grim Reaper’s Girl

Death’s girlfriend lives, and while she does he can’t touch her (because that would kill her). The Grim Reaper has to use the power of sound to turn his girlfriend on, so he relates stories to her, describes how he would touch her, and watches as she pleasures herself. In the end, it’s not enough. Will she choose life? Or, will she choose love (death)?

Cum for Cthulhu

Lovecraft’s legendary creature is ready to mate, but with whom? Many maidens fall into the sea every day, but only one can tame Cthulhu. Karen is a sailor, but when her ships turns over it is Cthulhu that rescues her from a watery death. Their love explodes, as they grow from friends to lovers…Also, this will begin as a rape fantasy.


So, what do you think? Yah or nay? Leave a comment and let me know.

Do Sex Robots Freak You Out?

sex robots

Today, on the Guardian, there’s an article titled: Robots and Sex: Creepy or Cool? It basically argues that sex robots should be accepted, and you know what? I agree with them wholeheartedly. Sex-bots are coming, are you ready for their arrival?

From the original post:

“Sex with robots may currently be restricted to fiction, but with advances in technology this could eventually change. Despite how some may react, this is something that should be accepted, maybe even embraced.”

The article elaborates by explaining that may conservative types lose sleep over the sexual exploits of consenting adults. This foolish behavior is exactly why we have prohibitionist groups such as, One Million Moms. These undersexed zealots have a lot of time on their hands, and use it to judge and attempt to criminalize sexual acts they disagree with. The Guardian article elaborates that even so-called progressives/liberals are troubled by non-conformist relationships.

The article argues that sex robots will not be tolerated by conformists, but should be. Who can deny that sexual robots will be met with disdain? And, who among you will deny that sexual robots may actually serve the greater good? Sexual robots, or sex-bots as I like to call them, may replace human sex workers, which would significantly reduce human trafficking. (That’s a good thing people!)

“So when considering, for example, sex robots, we should expect hatred, antagonism, and judgment. That attitude, in particular and in general toward adult consensual sex, should change. We can use sex-bots as a good case-study to demonstrate why.”

What’s Next: Sex Robots Aren’t the Only Future Sex Toys

The adult entertainment industry is already selling/planning to sell some futuristic adult toys. There is the Real Doll line of sex dolls, which have been around for a while, but now they’re incredibly real looking. Many of these dolls are designed to look like famous porn stars. Although they can be posed and moved, these dolls are not robotic. Expect robotic ones sometimes in the next decade or so…

FYI: Ladies, there are male real dolls. Personally, the male dolls look too much like a Ken doll for my taste, but it is cool the industry is considering the ladies.

Other futuristic products that are on the market, or soon-to-be on the market include:

Natural touch fingertip vibrators

Penis pumps that can be used in the shower

Blowjob simulators

Blowjob simulators that can be used by two people for cybersex

Motorized pussies

Online apps that verbalize cyber-sex, for hands-free sexting

How Do You Feel About the Future of Sex Toys?

Are you weirded out by the notion of sex robots, or a device that hooks up to your computer that allows you to simulate oral sex for a long-distance partner? Or, are you more open minded than that? Leave a comment and let me know how future sex makes you feel.

Can Personalized Porn Improve You and Your Partner’s Sex Life?

File:Personalized Porn Kissing couple - Foto giovanni Dall'Orto, 29 luglio 2010.jpgMake Love Not Porn

ABC’s Nightline is airing a special called, “Modern Sex in America.” The special investigates new trends in lovemaking, including how couples are allowing photographers to video tape and photograph their lovemaking. This new trend is called, “Personalized Porn,” and it’s increasing in popularity among couples who want to “immortalize their lovemaking.”

According to the couples who are taking part in this erotic activity, the videos and images aren’t porn, but rather a tribute to their lovemaking. These couples insist that the images and videos are improving their sex life, as well as bringing them closer together.

Personally, I think personalized porn is a wonderful idea for couples looking to promote heightened sexuality and experimentation. Plus, it gives these couples something to remember their lovemaking by…Imagine being an 85 year old grandmother and viewing photographs of your much younger body making love to the love of your life? The photos and videos you garner from an adult photography session will make incredible keepsakes for when you’re much older.

Constance & Eric Photography

Constance & Eric Photography is an adult photography studio based in Brooklyn, NY. The photography studio is comprised of husband and wife team, Constance Faulk and Eric Vogel. Faulk and Vogel invite couples into their studio to do “the deed,” or they’ll travel to your bedroom to photograph you in your natural element. If you’re uncomfortable, both in the studio and in your bedroom, the session can take place in a hotel room.

The photography session isn’t directed or posed. Nope! It’s 100% au naturale, and a great way to create a lasting memory of the passion you and your partner(s) share. If you’re not shy in front of a camera, and don’t mind inviting others to watch, Constance and Eric will film/photograph your lovemaking for $4,000! (WOW! Expensive.) Personally, I wouldn’t be able to afford that, but if I could, I would be interested in garnering some personalized porn of my own. I’m too shy to actually make love in front of an audience, but I’d certainly be interested in adult photos that capture the essence of our lovemaking.

Is it Worth the Price?

If couples really want personalized porn, or even just photographs of their lovemaking, why don’t they just set up a webcam or put a timer on their digital camera? Compared to regular photo shoots $4,000 is a lot of money. Is it truly worth the price?

From the Constance and Eric website:

“…couples (as well as groups and single people) sought us out to create portraits of their most intimate moments. Our discretion and ability to make everyone comfortable has given us the privilege to work with many wonderful people, creating intensely personal images many of which will never be seen by the public. Eventually our work caught the eye of several agencies and companies and we soon found ourselves accepting commissioned advertising work. Now we have finally found our perfect trifecta of fine art, intimate portraiture, and commercial work all within the context of our sex positive philosophy. We are two incredibly fortunate and happy people and are excited to have the opportunity to share our joys with the world.


Constance & Eric”

Judging by the image galleries on their website, it is obvious Constance and Eric do know how to capture tantalizing and classy adult photographs. With their help, your intimate moments are photographed with stunning quality, ensuring you get what you pay for. Their website doesn’t list how many prints are included in the price, but I imagine they offer quite a few – considering the cost.

So, Does Personalized Porn Improve Your Sex Life?

I can’t say for sure because I’ve never done it. I do admit to sending my husband tantalizing photos whenever he’s having a bad day at work. Those always cheer him up and give him something to look forward to. I’m a firm believer in “whatever floats your boat,” so long as what “floats your boat” isn’t harmful or dangerous to yourself or others…So, yeah, I’d say this activity can definitely improve intimacy, as well as increase eroticism, thus leading to a more fulfilling sex life.

Tell me: Would you do it? Leave me a comment and let me know your opinion on personalized porn. Do you think it could improve a marriage, or do you believe something like this could actually destroy a marriage. All opinions are valid and treated with respect.

Winona Ryder Thought “50 Shades of Grey” was About the Economy

winona ryderIs this her “I don’t get it” face?

Can someone please explain to me how actress, Winona Ryder, has not heard about “50 Shades of Grey?”

I’m not expecting her to have read the book because not everyone reads, and certainly not everyone reads erotica, but this isn’t just any erotica title. It is “50 Shades of Grey” people! It’s constantly in the news, and they’re making a film about it…And, it’s basically the most famous erotica title like ever… like in the entire history of erotica novels… Although this is debatable, many say that 50 Shades of Grey brought erotica to the mainstream. (Hard core erotica readers, such as me, will say that erotica has always been in the mainstream…) No one can deny the book has spurned countless debates over the quality of its writing, as well as the contents of the book, and that it brought the term “mommy porn” to the mainstream…

Seriously, how has she not heard about this?

So, here’s what went down:

Winona Ryder and 50 Shades author, E.L. James, were at a party together…

(I know what you’re thinking. Where was this party? Why wasn’t I invited? While the doors to Hollywood’s elite parties may be closed to us, they’re not closed to multi-millionaire authors, such as E.L. James is.)

Winona Ryder and E.L. James began a dialog, wherein Ryder expressed an interest in “50 Shades of Grey.” The conversation quickly turned embarrassing for Ryder when she began to discuss the book’s economic properties. She mistakenly assumed the book was about Wall Street and the economy based on the cover art, which is a grey tie…

Winona Ryder told Red Magazine:

“This is how out of the loop I am. I met E.L. James at a party and I’d heard about the book so I knew everyone was talking about it, but because there’s a tie on the cover I thought it was about Wall Street….I think I said something really stupid to her because I literally thought it was about the economy.”

Oh Winona! *Shakes head*

My only question is: Winona Ryder, who told you about 50 Shades of Grey and failed to tell you it’s an erotica book?

Miley Cyrus Poses with Hand of Adonis Dildo on Twitter

Are you a fan of Miley Cyrus’ new image? The young starlet has cast-off her G-rated Disney image for a more risqué new self. I can’t say I’m a fan of her music, but I can say I’m always a fan of adult humor, and her photos of The Hand of Adonis Dildo are hilarious to me. In one photo, she’s slipped the HoA Dildo into her sleeve (as if it’s her own arm and hand) and she’s using it to caress her face. This is comedy gold to me, but bedroom humor is my absolute favorite!

Click Here for Miley’s Tweet where she poses with the Hand of Adonis against her face and Click Here for Miley’s Tweet where she caresses her upper thigh with the dildo. The images may be considered Not Safe for Work because they include a dildo; however, there is no nudity in any of the images.   

What is the Hand of Adonis?

Hand of Adonis

The Hand of Adonis Dildo is used for fisting. Fisting is the act of inserting an entire hand (to the wrist) into a vagina or anus. It’s pleasurable for some folks…and shocker…it could be pleasurable to Miley Cyrus. Either that or she’s just having some adult fun posing with a silly dildo. Would it really be such a horrible thing if Miley took pleasure in fisting? I don’t think so, but I don’t consider myself part of the morality police either.

The Critics Went Cray-Cray

These days, Miley is being heavily criticized for her new attitude. She was criticized for foam-fingering herself. Sure, it was silly to look at, but maybe the bigger problem is how many people are watching the VMAs when MTV doesn’t even show music videos anymore.

TMZ wrote that they are “totally grossed out” by Miley’s “risqué sex antics, especially as her fan base is still made up of young girls who adored ‘Hannah Montana.’

Examiner writer, Deirdre Haggerty, has a special message for Miley. She writes:

“…when is enough, enough young Miss Miley Cyrus? We understand you want to have an edge, be risqué and lose any remnants of “Hannah Montana”. However, you must understand there are still young girls who idolize you, and you are proving to be every parent’s worst nightmare, but maybe that is what you want. Enjoy your sexual fantasies in the privacy of your bedroom, unless porn star is what you aim to achieve.”

I have a special message for Deirdre Haggerty:

Who made you the parent police? Seriously? I want to know. And, what parent teaches their child that actresses and singers are role models? These parents are the ones who need policing. Little kids need actual role models, such as doctors and nurses, to look up to. Parents should be teaching their kids to idolize world leaders, environmentalists, and life-saving professionals! The Mileys of the world are not role models. They are entertainers. Also, there is nothing pornographic in these images!!! If that’s what you consider “porn,” you need to crawl out from underneath your rock and take a look at modern commercialism and advertising, which is far more pornographic than Miley’s Tweets and should serve to give you a heart-attack, if Miley’s Tweets offended you that much….Or, you know, watch some actual porn over at PornHub.com and see that actual porn does not resemble the young starlet’s tweet at all!

What do you think? Do you think Miley went too far this time by posing with the Hand of Adonis? Or, is she just being a typical fun-loving young woman?

Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac is now Available on VOD


So, here’s something you don’t know about me:

I’m a huge movie buff! Moreover, Lars Von Trier is my favorite director. His enigmatic films are full of visually stimulating cinematography and his actors are always on-point and able to deliver compelling performances.

And, now, he’s tackling nymphomania with his new film, Nymphomaniac. This is a two-part film, and the first part is now available on Video on Demand.

I love that Von Trier’s films are available on Video on Demand (VOD), before they’re in theaters. I’ll be renting Volume I this weekend, so I’ll have a full review for you on Monday. My husband and I are ultra-excited to see Von Trier’s new film. Personally, I’ve viewed his entire body of work, excluding a couple of his early films. My husband fell in love with him after watching Antichrist (available on Netflix), and learning that a Von Trier film stays with you for weeks after watching it. You’ll be questioning the plot, discussing the cinematography and aching to watch it again, and that feeling doesn’t leave you until you’ve watched it five more times and made about a billion hypothesis about the director’s true motives. For instance, I believe Antichrist is an exploration into the stages of grief, and everything from the musical score to the scenery are designed to make you, the watcher, feel that stage of grief – right up until acceptance. I believe both Antichrist and Melancholia deserved Academy Awards, but for whatever reason, Von Trier is consistently overlooked by the Academy, which is why I rarely tune into awards season.


I have to admit I’m disappointed that both parts of the film aren’t readily available. I’d love to devote a huge amount of my time to watching this film in its entirety, and hate the idea of waiting for the next installment. I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long, as rumors state the next film will be available in a couple weeks.

So, what am I expecting from Volume I? Well, I’m definitely expecting all the goodness Von Trier effortlessly delivers – provocativeness, adventure, stunning visual scenes, stunning musical score, and the ability to feel the emotions in your own body – not just watch them on screen. This literally happens every time you watch a Von Trier film! You Feel! He ensures that every piece of imagery, music and dialog invoke an emotional response from the viewer. I’ve seen directors attempt to recreate this, but only Von Trier has truly been able to cast the spell of human emotion over movie goers.

I’m also expecting a great deal of sensual and explicit eroticism. According to early-screeners, the film has full penetration (performed by stunt actors; the real actors do not truly have sex), as well as there is nudity in almost every scene.

According to an AVClub.com article, the picture is also really funny!

“Still, the most shocking thing about Nymphomaniac, with its cock-shot montages and frankly descriptive narration, is how flat-out funny it often is. Has Von Trier finally emerged from the storm cloud of depression that fell over him a few years ago, the one that inspired back-to-back bummers Antichrist and Melancholia,” writes author A.A. Dowd.

It will be interesting to watch the film and see these funny scenes for myself. I can’t wait.

Like I said before, I’m watching the film this weekend – with my husband. I’ll let you know on Monday how the film made us feel (no spoilers, I promise!), as well as how we rated it, and whether or not the eroticism lingered post-film. It’s impossible to say if a person can be turned-on by a Von Trier film until we’ve actually watched it. (to date, that has not happened, although many of his other films have had graphic scenes that were erotic in nature; specifically the opening scene of Antichrist which blended pain and pleasure in a powerfully sobering way.)

Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve watched Nymphomaniac Volume I, or if you’re planning to watch it. Have you seen any other Von Trier films? Also, check out the trailer:

News From Our Neighbors Up North: Canadian Porn Channels Aren’t Patriotic Enough

Apparently Canada’s XXX channels aren’t patriotic enough. The country is making headlines this week after the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission scheduled a broadcasting license review for three of its adult channels. The channels have thus far not complied with Canada’s mandate that at least 35% of its programming be Canadian.

More “Men of Toronto” Less Other Stuff

“To what extent the channels violate the rules is not stated in the hearing notice. Their schedules include what appear to be Canadian shows, “Men of Toronto” and “Canadian Quickies” among them. The nationality of some other programs, including “Sword Master” and “Filthy Pervs,” is less clear,” writes the NY Times, in their article Canada Challenges Erotic TV on Level of Domestic Content.

I can’t really say how I feel about this news, except that I think it’s hilarious. I also think that Canada’s porn stars deserve a tribute, in honor of their country’s firm stance on patriotism. So, without further ado, here is a list of Canada’s top adult film actors and actresses.

Famous Porn Stars from Canada

File:Alyssa Reece AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2010.jpg

1. Alyssa Reece is a popular Canadian adult film actress. Although she’s worked with many American porn companies, such as Vivid and Hustler, she’s also been worked with plenty of Canadian film companies and photographers. Most recently, she’s starred in Lesbian Masseuse 4 and Alyssa Reece’s Wild Side.

File:Alexandra Quinn.jpg

2. Alexandra Quinn stopped making films sometime around 2006, but she’s still one of the greatest porn actresses to hail from Canada. Many consider Quinn to be Canada’s Traci Lords because they’ve had a similar career and both women got an early start in porn (to early!).

Brad Armstrong 2012.jpg

3. Brad Armstrong has been called “The King of Porn” and the “Spielberg of Skin Directors.” He’s Jenna Jameson’s ex-husband and Canada’s pornographic leading man.

Voodoo AVN Awards 2006.jpg

4. Voodoo is likely Canada’s only porn star to do the deed while tandem sky-diving. Canada gave birth to a real rebel without a cause. Voodoo is said to have performed the stunt to garner the attention of popular radio personality, Howard Stern.

For more check out Ranker’s list of Famous Pornographic Actors from Canada.