Excerpt from “Blood on the Vine” by Alisia Compton

Blood on the VineBlood on the Vine is the newest title from author Alisia Compton. The erotic thriller is available on Amazon, as well as in other bookstores: iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and more. More details on where you can pick up this title will come later, but first Racy Reads would like to treat you to a naughty excerpt from Compton’s Blood on the Vine.

The excerpt is below, but here’s a brief synopsis so you can get a feel for this story:

Miranda Knight has returned to her picturesque childhood home on Seneca Lake. The estate-turned-inn is every bit as haunting and beautiful as she remembers, but is home to more secrets than ever before. As Miranda investigates the disappearance of a former owner, she meets Aldo, a rich Mediterranean vintner. Their whirlwind romance is nothing like she’d imagined, but she can’t help falling in love with him despite his penchants for rough sex and playing hard to get. The other man in Miranda’s life is Ashton, who may or may not have murdered his wife, but who has the most beautiful blue eyes Miranda has ever gazed into. Miranda feels an attraction to both men, but only one is sincere. The wrong man is harboring a dark heart that threatens Miranda’s life and the future of her childhood home, The Molly Grange Inn.

This book is an erotic thriller with strong sexual scenes. Mature readers 18+ only.

Chapter 6 – Miranda and Aldo

He’d stripped me of everything leaving my body to bask singularly naked under the sun, but I wasn’t shy despite a lifelong battle with insecurity and never having done it with the lights on. He took a step backward and inspected me with that cool, aloof stare of his and I basked in this gaze because I could see the outline of his hard dick and the pleasure in his dark eyes. I knew I pleased him, so I let him stare at me. I liked it. I enjoyed his silent judgement. After a moment, he nodded and gave me an approving slight smile before diving in like a hungry animal. He buried his nose in the flesh of my tender breast, squeezing them together in his hands and breathing between them. The pain is good for me, but it’s suspicious and strange at the same time. He’s not at all like my other lovers, although their numbers are few. It had seemed a lifetime since I’d allowed someone to touch me, but no one had ever touched me as Aldo had. It was entirely new and I was collapsed and controlled by the experience. As he lowered me to the ground, a slight moan escaped from my lips.

“Yes.” He hissed. “You fucking like that, don’t you?”

He reached between my legs and felt my kitten which was wet.

“Yeah.” He said. “I can tell you like that. Do you like my fingers? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers?”

I hadn’t expected to end up on the ground with the cement floor cooling my naked body. I hadn’t expected him to be so aggressive and yet somehow still tender, so vocal and yet such a quiet man. I didn’t know what to say, so I only nodded, but my mind screamed yes, please Aldo, fuck me with your fingers.

He spread my legs and gazed between them. Like a painter he considered me for a moment and then he spread my legs wider and watched my expression as I opened like a flower before him, nearly grown and everything exposed under the summer sun. Despite being already stretched, he pressed against the insides of my knees forcing me to spread wider still. A dull throb set in, but he continued to push. I didn’t argue or make a fuss because I felt that my legs were his to command and control. I was desperate to please him. He didn’t stop pushing until I felt close to breaking and involuntarily cried out from the pain, which was pleasure too. Finally, he took his hands from my knees and pressed two fingers inside me.

“Your pussy is tight.” He commented.

I moaned. His dirty talk was so new and so very exciting. I couldn’t reciprocate because I was too shy, but my brain begged for him to go faster. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted and with his thumb he twisted circles on my clit while fucking me with his fingers in a come hither motion. He only stops to rip the shirt from his body, which I was delighted to find was in perfect shape. He’d really taken care of himself over the years. He battled away his clothing, clearly in a hurry to free himself from their restrictions. I was in a hurry to and growing desperately to feel his cock inside me, but also enjoyed witnessing the very beautiful act of a fit man undressing himself. I reached up to touch the hard breadth of his arm, maybe feel around to the curves of his back, or to massage his six pack, but he stopped mid-undressing to push me back to the ground. He reasserted his hands on my knees with his pants halfway down his buttocks, and he forced me to spread my legs again.

“Don’t move.” He commanded and I obliged him.

His intensity felt like a warning. A delicious warning. I wondered what would happen if I disobeyed my dear Aldo. Would he spank me again? Would I like that? I believed I would.

He was Adonis, his body solid muscle, his erection visible at long last and rock hard, long and thick. He places himself between my spread legs. I reach forward and touch him when he’s close enough. I trace the contours of his muscular arms and come to rest with my hand behind his neck. I used his neck as leverage to pull him toward me. I was desperate for him to enter me, but also to kiss him. He didn’t kiss me; instead, he pulls my hand from his neck and with one strong hand pins my wrists above my head. It hurt, and it frightened me. He refused to allow me to touch him and he won’t look at me. He allows me no authority. The drunkenness I’d felt from the wine we’d drank was beginning to wear off, and the situation had taken a rather dark turn.

“Kiss me.” I begged. I hoped for a single moment of tenderness, but he yielded not at all.

“Don’t talk.” He commanded. He was stern and disconnected.

For a moment, I considered running. I considered telling him to stop. Truthfully, I hadn’t really wanted to stop. He left my hands above my head and I dutifully held them together in the very spot he left them just as I continued to strain my legs to keep them far apart. Finally, I could feel his dick at the entrance to me, but he wasn’t ready to go inside just yet. He began to rub it up and down, sliding it between my lips and against me in a way that elicited little moans that were involuntary and excited him and me simultaneously.

You’ll need to read the book to read the rest…

One lucky commenter will receive a free copy of Blood on the Vine, so please leave a comment and let us know what you think about this delicious, wicked new paranormal romance.


Conquered by Clippy and More Technical Erotica from Leonard Delaney

Bored with the standard erotica fare? Popular technical erotica author Leonard Delaney puts inanimate objects, such as Clippy from MS Word fame, in sexual situations. Although the reviews are mixed (some love it, some laugh at it, and some hate it), there’s no doubt experimental erotica sells.

There’s hundreds of blog posts referencing Delaney’s experimental erotica titles, which is exactly where any Kindle author wants to be publicity wise. His series, titled Digital Desires, includes sexual situations between humans and all manner of inanimate objects, including Tetris block and the copyright page.

This is one of those situations where “write what you know” does not apply. I talk about this a lot when it comes to erotica. It’s the one genre where you can write what you know, but you don’t always have to. Sometimes, it pays to write what no one knows. If you can corner a niche, you could end up as famous as Delaney, and fame is what sells books.

If you’re wondering how Delaney’s infamy spread, it’s due to imagination and humorous commentary on his short stories on top ranking websites. His works have been discussed by bloggers on popular websites in lists of the best (worst) erotica on the market, including on sites like Cracked.com and Vice’s Motherboard section. These sites receive millions of views per day, so having your work made teased is actually valuable advertising.

So, if you’ve got an idea for a niche sort of erotica, there’s a market for it. And, once it’s written, feel free to invite humor bloggers to write about it.

Dinosaur Erotica: It’s Not Going Extinct Anytime Soon

“Taken by the T-Rex,” “Running from the Raptor (Dinosaur Erotica),” and “In the Velociraptor’s Nest,” are all titles of popular dinosaur erotica. I have to admit I haven’t read this genre; although I’ve saved a few to my to-read list on Kindle Unlimited to hate read. Here’s the thing, I write a lot about what sells in erotica, and nothing sells better than genre erotica; and, if you’ve got the in on a new thing, then you should write about it…Most of the time.

Maybe some things are better left unwritten? Then again, none of my erotica novels has 87 hilarious customer reviews. The most I have is 12 legitimate and verified customer reviews, and they’re actually positive; however, I’d take joke purchases or curiosity driven purchases too if I’d earned them; however, I don’t think I could bring myself to write interspecies erotica even if the species in question is extinct, but that’s just me though. If you think you can, you should follow in the footsteps of the book’s authors, Christie Sims and Alara Branwen.

Sims and Branwen are the co-authors of Taken by the T-Rex (Dinosaur Erotica). The two saw a lack of dinosaur erotica and they did their due diligence. After a short mention on Jezebel, the Amazon page for these novellas was lit up with unverified and hilarious reviews.

I recommend heading there to read all the reviews, but here’s a sampling of my favorites from each book:

From Taken by the T-Rex (Dinosaur Erotica):

“Don’t worry, it’s not bestiality because she’s a dinosaur too. At the end of the book, you learn she’s a Mega-Sore-Ass…”

“My husband keeps asking why I have a photo of a T-Rex on our headboard. I tell him to stop talking and tuck his arms back into his sleeves…”

“You haven’t seen hot until a baby dinosaur with a two-foot penis oozes pints of clear liquids all over a strong hunter heroine…”

“I had the biggest T-Rexion reading this book.”

From In the Velociraptor’s Nest (Dinosaur Erotica):

“In the Velociraptor’s Nest will give you that pleasant sensation you’ve been looking for and you’ll find yourself relished for the rasp of a raptor’s tongue.”


“Rather tame for Raptor-on-whore action, read better raptor porn.”

So… yeah… This is a fun genre; clearly it’s popular. There’s a lot of monster, reptilian, fantasy creature erotica out there. I’m 100 percent for whatever floats your boat, so if dinosaurs get you there, Sims and Branwen are happy to help get you off. If not, you may want to check it out just for the laughs.

Gay Erotic Fanfiction is Swelling in Popularity

Should we all be writing gay erotic fanfiction? I don’t know about you, but I’m adding some to my content calendar for 2016 because these stories are incredibly popular. As proven by the popularity of “Serving the Prime Minister: A Canadian Romance
,” a nine-page gay erotic short story, this is a genre that’s hot.

The short story follows Shawn, a young poli-sci major who falls for Canada’s new prime minister, a sexy, youthful man named Dustin Waterhole. Unsurprisingly, Waterhole is the actual nickname of Pierre Trudeau, the actual new prime minister of Canada (and someone we can all agree is really hot). The stories only nine pages, so I won’t reveal anymore, but it’s steamy and popular and it sells for $2.99.

It’s topped Amazon’s bestseller’s lists, and is widely reviewed as a delectable read. When erotica gets this much attention, including that it’s mentioned in numerous news media outlets, I like to emulate its success with books of my own. Of course, I would never copy. I’ll let Sam Shiver kick out the Trudeau inspired erotica, and I’ll take on a few of my celeb inspired gay fanfic stories. I’m thinking the sexy vamps from The Vampire Diaries or perhaps someone political, such as Vladimir Putin?

Here’s some tips for writing gay erotic fanfiction:

Don’t Change the Character’s Personality

People tune into fanfiction so they can encounter their favorite characters in sexy situations. Unless you have a very good reason, don’t change their core personalities or their already established conflicts. Of course, feel free to pair up Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter in a rage-fueled sex romp. Let their already established conflict be the driving force behind this love affair.

Remember: In fanfiction, you must change the names of already owned characters and you cannot plagiarize if you’re planning to sell your work. Like 50 Shades of Gray, which was originally Twilight fanfiction, you must give your characters new names.

Write About the People You Already Love

If you’re already a huge fan of a series or show or celebrity, write about that guy or those guys. You won’t be able to do unknown characters the justice they deserve, and this will alienate your fan base. Your job is to take those core characters and put them together in an erotic and exciting way; as they say, write what you know.

Be Massively Appealing

“If you want your fan fiction to eventually reach a mass audience, it can’t depend on extensive knowledge of Hogwarts. Sorry.” (From Cosmopolitan: 8 Pro Tips to Becoming a Successful Fan Fiction Writer.) Basically, throw some Easter Eggs in to show you truly know your characters, and then have the rest be about the romantic situation you’re creating. This is going to make your short story mass appealing, as well as massively appealing to readers who are fan like you.

Overall, it’s about knowing your core audience. If you’ve never written gay erotica before, it’s helpful to read a couple short stories. Do your research; determine what works and what doesn’t work. This is going to help your fan fiction stand out.


Robot Sex: A Real Possibility in 2050

Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson released a report stating that the year 2050 will feature copious amounts of robot sex. In fact, he predicts sex with robots will be more common than sex between two real live people.

Is Sex with a Humanoid Robot Technically Masturbation?

Dr. Pearson partnered with Bondara (the makers of SexFit, the fitness tracker for your penis). Bondara is the UK’s most profitable sex toy shop. He points out that robotic sex toys, such as vibrators, are currently a staple in most sexually-active adult’s bedrooms. They’ve been used by people for decades. And, virtual reality porn is popular as well. Put those two things together and you have a fairly realistic look at future sex; or is it really future masturbation?

There’s a conundrum… Is sex with a robot masturbation; considering, you’re technically alone because a robot isn’t a person? Or, is a robot so evolved it becomes a person? This is a concept author Lauren Stone tackles in her wickedly delicious android novella, iSexbot, available on Amazon Kindle in early 2016. This is one you don’t want to miss because it’s kinky and thought-provoking.

Uh-Oh Some People are Already Starting to Lose their Minds

In iSexbot a very real problem arises, and that problem is prohibition. The robots don’t have emotions, and yet are programmed to emote and therefore seem real. And, prohibitory people want to end all sex with them. The world is separated by those who engage with robots (in this case they’re called androids), and those who see sexbots as taboo… That’s something that’s already happening now, with groups like the Campaign against Sex Robots popping up, and trying to enact legislation that would make sex robots illegal. (Side note: how long did it take to come up with that catchy name? Really, you couldn’t think of anything cleverer than Campaign against Sex Robots?)

Sexbots: A Smart Investment

So, what else does the futurist Dr. Pearson say about the future of sex? Well, he boldly assumes that as soon as 2025, the world’s wealthiest individuals will engage themselves in sex with robots. The rest of us will be experiencing some form of virtual sex, including virtual sex assisted by sex toys that interact with the virtual world. According to Doc Pearson, this will be the norm by 2030. And, then in 2050 robot sex will take over human on human sex, and become the new normal.

Dr. Pearson projects that sex toy sales in the UK will topple over the $1 billion mark per year as sex toys continue to get more and more sophisticated. Sex toys see a growth in industry of about 6 percent each year, so this shows more people are becoming open to experimenting with sex and with sexual enhancements. The Telegraph published this quote from the doctor: “That means that leisure spending could grow by a factor of five, and the sex market in 20 years could be three times bigger than today and seven times bigger by 2050.”

Dr. Pearson feels that when sexual toys become more sophisticated, such as virtual sex and robot sex, there will be a spike in the market and people will want to continue the trend and try whatever is new and exciting. So, if you’re eager for a new investment opportunity, maybe you should buy some stock in the sex industry?

To back his point, Dr. Pearson states that according to one report, 25 percent of all internet searches are pornographic in nature. He also says there is no real difference between having sex with a 3D image on your computer screen than having sex with a humanoid robot. Um no difference Dr. Pearson? How about one has a body, and the other doesn’t? Just saying…

As in Lauren Stones iSexbot, expect a lot of people to disagree with robot sex. People love to rally against anything that strikes them as weird or odd. As for me, if the robots are anything like A.I.’s Gigolo Joe, played by Jude Law, bring on the sexbots!

Tips for Writing Compelling Monster Erotica

Big Foot erotica
Big Foot is a popular character in monster erotica.

It was early 2014 when a minor scandal upset the Amazon Kindle eBooks market. After several major self-publishing outlets, including WHSmith, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, were accused of allowing eBook that featured incest, rape, and bestiality, many took steps to ensure their involvement in the controversy was short-lived.

Amazon was included in this kerfuffle. The retail giant began cracking down on titles, including the monster erotica genre. This extremely niche branch of self-published erotica bore the brunt of the eBook cull because its tropes include sexual encounters with monsters, including werewolves, bear monsters, tentacle creatures, sea creatures, and a host of other beastly entities. Amazingly, this prohibition actually resulted in bringing more popularity to the genre; and, what was once taboo, was suddenly an overnight sensation.

Prior to the crackdown, these stories were confined to a dark corner of the Internet. Once Amazon shined a spotlight on the erotic genre, everyone suddenly wanted to get their hands on some monster erotica. The plans to shut down the genre’s biggest authors actually resulted in those authors selling more books than ever.

Fortunately, after long negotiations and a lot of compromise, most authors and their supernatural titles were allowed to stay on the market. The market continues to grow each day, and it seems there’s no shortage of monster erotica fans. So, it’s worth your time and effort to explore the genre. These handy tips and tricks will teach you how to write monster erotica for a very hungry and devoted audience.

Choose a Monster you’re Capable of Describing in Detail

There’s really no limit to the type of monsters you can use in your work. The monsters don’t have to be monsters in the traditional sense of the word because they don’t have to be villainous; or, make them villainous. It’s entirely your choice, and there’s a market for both types.

For novice writers, the trick is to choose a monster who is clearly established and with whom readers are already familiar with, such as Bigfoot, Dracula, Cthulhu, etc. Other monsters include werewolves, pirates, sea monsters, and more. They’re all viable prospects, and there’s a following for every creature.

Keep in mind: you should only create a new monster is you have a very clear picture of what it look like.

Always Think Erotica and Never Pornography

The difference between erotica and pornography is, unsurprisingly, a subtle one. Despite being subtle the difference is there. For erotica, the intention isn’t to get your reader off, but rather entertain them with a real story. Of course, the story should contain very sexual elements, such as sex with a dark elf or tentacle love, but the primary intention is first to tell a story. Alternatively, pornography is to get someone off and relies little on story.

With high-quality erotica, the impetus is to keep readers reading through the non-sexy parts, just as much as you want them to read the sexier bits. In other words, never treat the build-up to your sex scenes as a chore.

Do Not Write About Things that Make You Personally Uncomfortable

If this is your first foray into monster erotica, make sure it’s something you can handle writing. You’ll want to pick up some favorite titles to ensure you’re comfortable with the genre. If you’re not comfortable, don’t bother moving forward because your discomfort will translate to your writing.

In the same vein, some monster erotic titles feature incestuous or sexually threatening scenes. If these makes you uncomfortable, don’t write about them. You’re not obliged to write about anything that makes you uncomfortable. The freedom to explore taboo ideas is celebrated in the erotic reading and writing community, and new writers are encouraged to move at their own pace and forge their own identities.


How to Write Compelling Paranormal Erotica

Writing styles vary from one writer to the next, but there are fundamental constants in erotica writing. Erotica readers have expectations, or sexpectations if you will. In order to help you write more compelling stories, the following outlines what’s typically expected from a paranormal romance novel.

Paranormal Erotica NovelChoose Realistic Characters

The key to writing compelling erotica is to write compelling characters. A character’s actions and feelings should be something your target audience can relate to.

Here’s two examples:

A lonely woman misses her deceased husband, and then suddenly finds herself having intercourse with his ghost. The character’s universe should match the situation in her life, and there should be a cause behind the paranormal encounter. It makes sense that she would allow herself to make love with the ghost because the ghost is her dead husband, whom she’s been pining for. Your audience will understand this choice.

A witch is living in a universe where vampires and werewolves also exist. She is attracted to these beings, but it is forbidden for them to intermingle. Readers love a forbidden love affair, and they will understand the attraction to something illicit. The witch’s erotic moment would be with a character who is a wolf or vampire (or both).

Whatever You Do Don’t Info-Dump

The best stories are truly interesting to readers, so it’s essential you don’t focus too much on a backstory. A common mistake writers make is info-dumping. Info-dumping, by definition, is the action of dropping too much backstory on readers. This can and will cause readers to drift off and abandon your story. And, it’s doubtful they’ll return.

The main goal of your erotica is to catch your reader’s attention; especially, in the first few pages. You want to hold that attention until the very end, so don’t fill up your paranormal romance with copious amounts of pointless dream sequences, backstories, or feuding or fighting with other characters. Unless it’s adding to your story or your sex scenes, don’t bother including excessive backstory. This is especially important in short stories and novellas.

Be Descriptive and Be True to the Genre

The goal of erotica is to deliver a story that turns on the reader. This means, you’ll need to keep your stories faithful to the genre that readers love. Of course, you’re allowed to use some creative liberty, such as Stephanie Meyer did in Twilight. Her vampires had sparkly skin, and they could walk in the daytime. A few liberties are okay, but take too many and you risk alienating your reader.

You should also use descriptive language that elicits sensation. For example, if your writing about a woman and a poltergeist, you would include words and phrases that readers naturally identify as being associated with a ghostly encounter, such as fear, clear, wind, caressing, effervescent, etc.

Another example is the relationship between a human and a werewolf. You should describe the paranormal being’s behavior as something other than humanity. For example, a wolf may sniff his partner’s genitals or have a longer tongue than normal.

Happy Endings Don’t Matter

Erotica readers want sex – hot, steamy, detailed, and descriptive sex. The paranormal erotica genre isn’t about getting married, having kids, and settling into a new house. Paranormal erotic readers want to know how hard and how fast. You can save the happily ever afters for your next romance novel.

Paranormal erotica is primal – pure and simple. It’s the sensual act of being taken over by something non-human, and sometimes it’s about the idea that you never truly know the face of your partner because he’s a ghost. It’s supposed to make the reader orgasm, and that should be your ultimate goal.



3 Free Ways To Promoting Your Erotic Novel On The Cheap

Promote your erotica

You’re an author, so you understand how difficult it is to promote a book at the best of times. If you’re a writer of erotic fiction (or, a paranormal/erotic crossover fiction), you understand that promotion is 10-times more difficult. This is due to many promotional platforms disregarding your book for its adult nature.

Today, I will show you 3 free ways you can promote your latest erotic title. These platforms should help you get your book in the public eye.


T.C. Archer, Milos, Darla Dunbar, and Arthur Wing Pinero all use www.Scribd.com. Aspiring writers may not have heard of this site, but with some of the biggest names in erotic fiction using it, it must be good right? YES!

You can use Scribd to showcase your already published works, or as a platform to showcase coming attractions. It’s a quick way to get your book on the public’s radar, and then hopefully get some of those viewers to become loyal readers.

A Scribd account can be opened with your Nom de Plume, so you can protect your true identity. Since Scribd handles eBooks, you’ll need to have an e-copy version available, which, if you’re already using Scrivener, is a snap.

To build a following on Scribd, add excerpts from your novel to your profile, as well as your latest work’s synopsis, your best reviews, and teaser pages. All of these elements can help you get the attention you need to sell eBook and print copies of your erotic title.

Blog Short Stories on Your Own Website

Blogging (and guest posting on other blogs) is a great way to prove your abilities as a writer. As a full-service publisher that offers more marketing tools than any other publisher, Racy Reads will set you up with your own blog. If you’re not publishing with us, you can create your own and use it to promote your work.

One exercise is to blog short stories and companion pieces using the characters from your erotic novel. Write a few tantalizing pieces on your own blog, and then seek out other sites to guest post with links to your books and links back to your blog. There are thousands of websites devoted to erotic fiction, and some even pay you to blog!

This is a great way to introduce readers to your characters, and your ability to tantalize readers. Standalone adventures can later be packaged into an eBook and sold alongside your actual novel. So, this is one way to promote yourself, and make money!

Visit Erotica Forums and Groups to Promote Yourself and Your Titles

Create accounts on erotica forums and groups (Goodreads has many to choose from; just search “erotica” or “paranormal romance” or whatever your genre is). You have anonymity here, as well as most website’s allow you to create an author’s page with links to your published work.

There are many advantages to this, as you have complete control over what you say, how you say it, and who you’re talking to. If you’re looking for beta readers or reviewers, offer free copies to potential fans in exchange for honest reviews. This will build your ranking on Amazon, as well as provide you with valuable feedback about your title.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to be a web guru to promote a book. You simply need some writing skills, which you already have! A blog can be set up in under and hour, and maintained in just twenty minutes a day.

Blogs can be customized, and you can even include links to your publisher’s web page to let people purchase your title from there or on Amazon or anywhere else. Remember: Racy Reads provides you with a dedicated URL, and you can log in and blog about your titles and yourself at any time. If you haven’t already, please reach out to us about your title. We’re currently accepting submissions.

So, there you have it: 3 ways to promote your erotica title for free, and still get good coverage. These are some of the best ways to get your writing in front of the right audience. Plus, setting up these accounts is fast, and has a far reach.



Our Best Tips for Writing Compelling Erotica

Tips for writing erotica

In today’s digital publishing landscape, writing erotic is both fun and profitable. If you’re of a naughty mindset, such as myself, it can also be tremendously gratifying. If you enjoy erotic fiction, you’ve likely read your share of bad erotic fiction – this is that tasteless, unremarkable, bland, and unedited erotica that Amazon routinely cleanses from its shelves.

In an effort to protect your erotica title from being cleansed, here’s some tips for writing higher-quality erotic fiction. These tips will help you write erotica that stands out to readers, and leaves them hungry for more of your work.

Don’t Write What You Know, Write What You Like

Don’t worry about what sells. If you do, you’re technically a try-hard, and no one wants to read the uninspired dribble of an author who concentrated on writing something sellable, rather than writing some enjoyable.

If you think people won’t notice; think again. We can tell when you’re trying to sell.

When someone is writing about something that doesn’t personally get them off, or – worse still – REPELS them, you can almost see the author’s nose wrinkling in disgust with every sentence.

For example, people who find bondage distasteful should attempt to write a story similar to Anne Rolequare’s Sleeping Beauty books or T Bell’s Claiming of David. You won’t be able to properly describe the joy of binding a lover, or the wonderful release of being bound. No matter how well you understand bondage on an intellectual level, if the thought of it turns you off, you won’t be able to write it in a compelling or enticing fashion.

Focus on writing erotica you enjoy yourself; because, if you don’t, your distaste or disinterest will be read between the lines.

You Have Five Senses, Use Them

It’s the age of visual erotica, and it has been that way since Linda Lovelace opened-wide on the set of Deep Throat. Unfortunately, it’s this dedication to the visual that has corrupted some authors. Some authors concentrate only on the visual; their stories read like a play-by-play narration of a porno, but you’re not writing a movie script – you’re writing a story.

Erotica is compelling when it fully immerses the reader in more than just sex – a story is necessary. Immersion can only happen when the reader experiences more than just the main characters’’ sight. Readers must also feel, taste, smell, and hear. A character who merely sees, is what my creative writing teacher once referred to as a “paper doll.” Flat. One-dimensional.

If you’re describing an intense oral sex scene, for example, you’ll want to describe more than just the look of the thing. Include what the receiving character feels, or what the giving character smells and tastes. Include the sounds they make as they’re being pleasured. With these details, your reader is better able to put themselves in the metaphorical shoes of your characters, and enjoy the experience of your story vicariously; as though, they are there. Remember – your reader has five senses, and a truly erotic experience uses all five senses in real life, so why not in your story too?

Use the Feather when you Can, the Whole Chicken When You Must

Someone once said the difference between erotic and porn is that erotica uses a feature, but porn uses the whole chicken. Erotica teases the reader, entices them to continue reading. It builds slowly to the climax, much like a real-life sexual encounter. This is commonly referred to as using the feather.

Your task, as an author of compelling erotica, is to walk the tightrope between the two; tease the reader for as long as you can, and then satisfy them with the sexual details they’ve been waiting for.

When using the whole chicken, remember to be judicious. The worst pornography goes straight into gynecological and urological detail and stays there. It includes no foreplay; no build-up. You don’t want your story or reader to reach a premature climax, and you certainly don’t want to leave them reading sex without the build-up to become aroused. So, take care not to rush anything, and to be as detailed as possible with the chicken.

If you follow these tips, then you will write an erotic story for the ages. An erotic story that will leave your reader wanting more of your work and seeking you out for future virtual encounters. If you want a career in erotica, you’ll need to write compelling erotic fiction.

Erotic Gay Art On Display in NYC

“Stroke: From Under the Mattress to the Museum Wall,” is a brand new exhibit currently featured at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in SoHo.

The show is the first of its kind, a gay erotic art show. Erotic gay art used to be hidden, but times have changed and now this art exhibit is out and proud! The curator of the exhibit, Robert Richards, says the exhibit visually explores a very important time period in gay history.

“The show is about beauty – beautiful drawings…beautiful men,” says Richards. “It’s a huge body of work that can’t be forgotten because it defines a whole era of gay men’s lives.”

There are 80 illustrations in total, many of which were published in gay men’s magazines. Some of the illustrations were published during a time when it was illegal to be gay, the 1950s. The decades between 1950 and our present day are all covered, including some artwork from the past year.

From the Official Website:

“A historical retrospective of sexy and erotic illustrations by artists who made work for the gay male magazines from the 1950s to the 1990s. This exhibition of a forgotten body of work not only explores the male form, but for the first time ever, offers an examination of gay male private life, as experienced through magazines which were available on nearly every street corner in America – but often kept under their mattresses for fear of being discovered.”

I so wish I lived in NYC to see this! The show will run until May 25th. If you’re interested in attending, you can stop in or purchase tickets online.